The Stephen Henry Quartet

Stephen Henry grew up listening to the music of yesteryear and fell in love with the saxophone. His love of singing and playing sax has taken him all over the globe playing in all kinds of venues.

He cut his teeth in Brisbane as part of the renowned Cleveland High music program before becoming one of the founding members of the Cleveland Past Masters Big Band. After moving to Toowoomba in 1999, he became a core member of the Damian Black Band, The Art of Tea and also Chapel Street to name a few. These days the Stephen Henry Quartet takes up most of his spare musical time as he concentrates on delivering one knock out performance after another.
Steve plays exclusively on Selmer Saxophones

Brendan “Vern” Reid
Brendan Reid, affectionately known as “Vern” has been playing bass since his rock band days in the 1990s. He has played with various outfits such as the Damian Black Band, The¬†Music Trust and more recently, Warren H Williams. In recent years Vern has been exploring the nuances of bass playing for Jazz, Soul & Funk and is now one of the most¬†sought after musos on the Darling Downs.
Vern plays exclusively on Spectre Basses

Uncle Gra
The phrase “Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome Graham Muller”, has been delivered on many an occasion over the years. Graham has been the backbone of many acts on the Darling Downs and the Gold Coast quite simply because there is no one else around who can play better. An accomplished songwriter, arranger and performer, Gra is the ultimate sex symbol of the quartet. Guys would like to be him and girls… well you know the rest.
Gra plays exclusively on Roland Pianos

Mal Sendall known affectionately as our “Smiley Drummer” has been busy playing with almost everybody in his young life. His joy on stage is as infectious as his driving beats and grooves that keep this quartet humming and jumping. Only a recent newcomer to the Jazz world, Mal is already regarded as the master of his craft in this region.
Mal plays exclusively on Tama Drumkits

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